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Groups 1.4.8

Create groups, use group chat and other functions

  1. D4K1NG
    Oxide Compatibility:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    My first Plugin :) I looked much into other plugins code and used some of its code to realise my plugin, thanks to the other developers at this point ! :)

    Hope you like!


    You can create and delete Groups. Also you are able to invite players to your Group. They can accept or decline the invitation.

    Default Config:
    Code (Text):
    Players in a group can use:
    /gwho - See which group members are online
    /g Message - Group chat

    Admin Commands:
    /gbackup - For users with GSP datafile problems. This command outputs all groups data into oxide.log to copy/paste them into .txt files.
    /gpvp 0|1 - set global group pvp.

    All Commands:
    /gcreate Name - Create a group with this name
    /gdelete - Delete a group
    /ginvite Playername - Invite a player to your group
    /gkick Playername - Kick a player out of the group
    /gcancel - Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!)
    /gaccept - Accept the invitation
    /gleave - Leave your current group
    /g Message - Sends group message
    /ghistory - Shows the groupchat history
    /gwho - Shows online group members
    /ghelp - Group help commands
    /ginfo - Shows the group name and member count
    /glist - Shows a list of all groups (names)
    /gmotd "Message" - Set a group MOTD
    /gsettings - Shows the group settings
    /gsetting pvp|kick|invite|motd|groupname 0|1 - set group settings
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Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.4.8
  2. Update 1.4.7
  3. Update 1.4.6

Recent Reviews

  1. Nikas
    Version: 1.4.8
    Thank u
  2. Seba 2
    Seba 2
    Version: 1.4.8
    Good plugin but need the function /gally so u can be in a alliance with other Groups, so they can't hurt each others.
  3. RuhR GaminG
    RuhR GaminG
    Version: 1.4.8
    great Plugin! No problems yet! Thank you very much.
  4. Prouxx
    Version: 1.4.8
    Good plugin but has a few limitations
    /gsetting groupname should have an option to set globally to 1 in config
    players in groups do not come up on logs. Both their private chat and public chat should be displayed in logs, currently neither happens.
    Definitely would be a 5* plugin if these issues were fixed.
  5. SirGUN13
    Version: 1.4.8
    good idea, but why only group owner can choose "groupname 0/1"?
    Better server admin choose it.
    It is very helpful - to see who in which group.
    And how to look not yours group members list?
  6. Amatek
    Version: 1.4.8
    work perfectly on my server, very nice thanks
  7. Skepnad
    Version: 1.4.8
    Works as intended, good job.
    :) Thx!
  8. GrandmotheR.biz
    Version: 1.4.8
    Help ! If player in clan, I cant see his msg in Rusty... Try fix it but... HELP!
    local groupname = self.GroupData[groupkey]["name"]
    groupname = " (" .. groupname .. ") "
    rust.BroadcastChat( groupname .. netuser.displayName , msg )
  9. melanie26
    Version: 1.4.8
    Works great, just wish there was some more control on the admin level
  10. Nema
    Version: 1.4.8
    Great Addon !. It only needs more configuration. So that admin can set the config if all groups names show on chat or not.