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Oxide Server Mod (Legacy) 1.18

Mod for running the Oxide mod on a server

  1. thomasfn
    • The .zip file which can be downloaded here.
    • A pre-setup Rust server (the mod must be installed on a existing server)
    • VC Redist 2012 x86
    • Users must have access to a public folder
    This is a packet ready for GSPs who use TcAdmin 2. The ZIP file can simply be dropped in the mods folder and a mod can be set up. Please note that you should always allow people to install mods themselves - this is important. The 'save' folder should be the public folder people can access with the file browser and/or FTP. Please note that if your public folder is different, you will need to rename it in the ZIP as well.

    We recommend linking our Oxide Plugin Page for your users, so they know how to get Oxide Plugins.

    If you're not using TcAdmin, extracting the ZIP file over the top of the Rust server folder will install the mod. lua52.dll should end up sitting next to the server executable.

    Command Line Parameters
    -oxidedir "save/oxide" - Sets the 'oxidedir' to save/oxide (as used in the default zip)

    Notes on 'oxidecore.lua'
    If this file is deleted from the public folder, oxide will not load plugins anymore. Restrict access or let your customers know that it shouldn't be deleted.

    In case you're not able to get Oxide working on your servers or require professional advice/help please do not hesitate to contact gsp@rustoxide.com to book our consulting services. This is also the case if you want a special plugin coded.
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Recent Reviews

  1. kpoIIIkaeHo7
    Version: 1.18
    work good with 1069 build?
  2. Ramil
    Version: 1.18
    keep a few servers. very happy with the mod. Thank you.
    Sorry for my english
  3. Eggster
    Version: 1.18
    thank you for making this public!
  4. YourDead
    Version: 1.18
    best mod i ever seen! Thank you so much <3
  5. q1LLa
    Version: 1.18
  6. PleaseDoNotBug
    Version: 1.18
    Finally! We have all waited for this moment and now it's here! Hooray!
  7. Zuobi
    Version: 1.18
    VERY NICE !!!
  8. Stels-510
    Version: 1.18
    Been waiting for this for so long, and now at last it is available, thanks!
  9. sem135
    Version: 1.18
    Thank you!! i love you