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Economy Market - BETA [Abandoned]

Discussion in 'Abandoned Plugins' started by Carex65, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Carex65 submitted a new resource:

    Market - BETA - Dynamic economy system. Controlled by YOU! - Completely configureable

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Frop

    Frop Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Sounds very promising! Does this use the same nomenclature as Basic Economy? Some plugins support BE, so it would be very useful (if not mandatory for successful competition) if those plugins are compatible with yours as well.
  3. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Some very expensive words there, uhm... What do you mean by nomenclature?

    I haven't tested any compatibility with other plugins. But as long as they dont have the same chatcommands I dont think it will be a problem.
    The whole market is saved in a .txt file. You can search for every item in the market thats currently selling. Or request a list for a particular item. The selling and buying is very straight forward. /sell M4 1 100. Means selling 1 M4 for $100. For single word items. Like M4 and P250. you dont have to use the ". but items like Cooked Chicken Breast. Do need to have those. Amounts, like price dont need them either.
    When you request the market list, every input has an ID. So when you want to buy something you simply do /buy ID AMOUNT.

    I would love some feedback if its not compatible with any non-economy plug-in. Maybe I can fix that.
    Also in future updates I will try to make it all a bit easier to find stuff. Cus when you check wich items are trade-able atm. ( /market ) You get every item. I might check if I can catogarize those.

    I hope that answers atleast some questions.
  4. Frop

    Frop Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Well, for instance this is some code from the Simple Home plugin I edited for the author's consideration.

    Code (Text):
    econ_Plugin = plugins.Find("econ")
        if (not econ_Plugin) then
            self.econ = false
            self.econ = true


    if (self.econ) then
                if (econ_Plugin.Data[netuserID].Money < self.Config.homecost) then
                    rust.Notice(netuser,"You don't have " .. self.Config.homecost .. econ_Plugin.CurrencySymbol)
                econ_Plugin.Data[netuserID].Money = econ_Plugin.Data[netuserID].Money - self.Config.homecost;
    If you also use stuff like Data[...].Money/.CurrencySymbol/etc., one would only have to detect either BE or Market and set econ_Plugin accordingly.
  5. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Aha, well yes I do use those.

    UserData[UserID].Balance is it for me...
    so I have to configure those for other players? I do not have CurrencySymbol. I dont know why I need one tho.

    Aah so the econ_plugin is actualy the Economy plugin that server uses. Hmmkay, well then I think imma have a bad day competing with BE or FORK. xD Until I configure those correctly ofcourse. And also, if they wanna use an external plugin in need of money, then I could update them for them ofcourse. :) (more coding experience for me!)
  6. Frop

    Frop Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    You don't have to do anything if you don't want to, I just thought it would be useful if developers could use the same bit of code for either plugin. ;)
  7. greyhawk

    greyhawk Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    Cool a 3rd Economy plugin
  8. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    if people are going to request that, I think I could try and fix that. :)

    @greyhawk Yes sorry buddy. I just wanted to =)
  9. Kotiger

    Kotiger Naked Wanderer

    /sell dont work, it says almost "You reachd your maximum amount of active trades"
  10. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Hmm... I deleted all my data files, and restarted my server. Works fine for me. Could you copy your UserData file and your Settings file for me?
  11. Kotiger

    Kotiger Naked Wanderer

    so i should delte my data files ?
  12. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    No no, I just deleted all my files so I can test a fresh installed example. Have you used /sell command before? Because with the basic settings each person can only sell 5 items at a time.
  13. Kotiger

    Kotiger Naked Wanderer

    I changed the Settings to 0 = Unlimited
  14. ZOR

    ZOR Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Any plans to create/upgrade to Auction ? (heh, I'm lazy to do it)
    So, Economy plugin-s will override your plugin (cause their /buy /sell executed before your (not sure, but if hooks executed in alphabetic order, chat cmd may too)
    * quick test show that from array of same ChatCommand-names only one executed, others ignored
  15. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Ah yes, I haven't implemented that yet. Lemme fix that for you right away. xD Sorry about this.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 29, 2014 ---
    I have been thinking about Auctions. But I need timers for that. Actions are on time. So ye, I might be able to do that, but I will not intergrate that with this plugin. Also. Its kinda weird to have 2 seperate economy plugins dont you think?
  16. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

  17. ZOR

    ZOR Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Dude, you, me and @greyhawk & others can just coop & git and make really modular & configurable economic related plugins stack.
    **Want to allow players to sell/buy from each others? - just change bool flag and load additional lua!
    **You like shops and auctions to be located in some building? another flag and other lua.
  18. DoM

    DoM Wood Hoarder Plugin Developer

    Super excited to give this a try. Unfortunately I have players on right now so I'll have to wait until another time. I'm planning on buying another server just for testing lol.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 29, 2014 ---
    Thats a really good idea. It would be nice to see more then one developer working on projects together. Git would be awesome for users to track updates and changelogs.
  19. Carex65

    Carex65 Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Oe I like the sound of that. The problem is; I have no idea how those flags work. As I said. I'm just a beginner. But I learn quick. I made this with just 2 weeks of LUA/JSon knowledge. If you would like to do this, I would be honored to figure out an auction system. As this was actually my first goal. But I had no idea how timer worked. But now I think I can figure that out. Also, I might be able to save the start time of a auctin. and compare it with server time every few seconds/minutes. I'll check this out whenever I feel Market can get out of BETA. Sounds good? :)

    Oh shit. That means alot to me bro! Just be aware, bug/glitches/exploits may be still in there. :) Test the crap out of it, and report all the errors to me! :)
  20. jermzilla

    jermzilla Naked Wanderer

    If you guys are interested in this please contact me on Steam. I am already working with 2 developers on this.
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